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My life and I are pretty boring, but if there are ever moments where that is not true then this page will provide the proof (and the details)!


October 17, 2014
This blog is 6 months old today! I can’t believe that I have had it for so long. It has been nice to have a place to come and get out my thoughts and emotions or just to generally work through everything that is going on. I may have eventually gotten the blog set up on my own, but not as easily or quickly as it was due to the help from a good friend of mine. Thank you for being willing to answer so many questions, give advice, assistance and support in general. I can never repay you. As for the rest of you I hope to be able to continue growing the blog and that you will follow along in that journey.

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I can not believe that my little blog has been seen in so many different countries in the past 6 months!

I can not believe that my little blog has been seen in so many different countries in the past 6 months!


October 12, 2014
I’m on Facebook! I have been trying to get things set up in Facebook for a few months now (life and confusion created by Facebook have repeatedly prevented me from accomplishing this before now) and the page is finally live! You should be able to search for me using my email address or you can just click this link —> Letters From A Single Mom. I hope you check it out and maybe even send me a friend request!


September 22, 2014 
I’m on Twitter! I created a Twitter account near the end of August, but have not only started posting (something I am hoping to get a better handle on in the near future), but I have also been able to get it set up here. I hope that you will consider following both my blog and my Twitter account.


April 17, 2014
I created this blog because I am struggling with a divorce that was not my choice, but my STBX has made a necessity. Before my son was born, he just turned 3 this month, I kept an almost daily journal and with everything that is going on I am feeling the need to keep one again, but my writing can’t keep up with the speed of my thoughts and emotions, so I am hoping that this will help the way my journaling used to.


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