Too Much Death

07 Nov

These last few years have had more than their fair share of downs and this last week has certainly added another unexpected down to the list and believe it or not it actually has nothing to do with my ex or the nightmare of the unwanted divorce that he forced on me. This downer was the death of one of my grandparents. This is only the second grandparent that I have lost in my life and it was not something that I was expecting to deal with.

I got the news just before I started working and not only did my ability to work that shift almost impossible (I only made it about halfway through my shift), but pretty much shot my whole week straight to hell. While it was understandable and my supervisors and other coworkers were supportive and empathetic I couldn’t help but be irritated with my inability to focus on work. Even now that I am home from the funeral I am still struggling with my ability to focus.

My ex didn’t make things quite as difficult for me as I had expected him to, but he certainly did not have the compassion and consideration that most people would. Am I ever going to get to a point where his consistently adversarial demeanor no longer gets to me?!?!?

The last few years have contained too much death for my taste. First the death of my marriage and now the death of a grandparent.


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